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Women's Short Hair Cuts

250 short hair cuts

250 стрижек на короткие волосы. Мода 2016.There's always been long salmons from a girl. It was always considered a reference to women. But, based on our recent fashion trends, which radically alter stereotyping, new canons of beauty are in fashion.



1. Oh, those lovely. Short female haircuts

It's been a long time since the hair cuts are honorable. They're capable of adding a common image to the scar, underlining your basic dignity, and if there are shortcomings, hiding them. In addition, specialists predict their acquisition of special popularity in 2016.

There are several categories of short cuts:

♪ Espatic or extreme cuts;
♪ Lines intended for each day;
♪ Asymmetric cuts;
♪ Cascade strings;
♪ Classical drawings;
♪ Short haircuts supplementing the shuttle.

All the cuts presented are based on transformations from the most famous Italian-Bob-Bob strips. A few new techniques may be added to classical haircuts, for example:

♪ Shredded ears which are performed on the back of the head or the hangers;
♪ Diversity in coloured gamma;
♪ Through the blade, brushing the brushing of the same ends;
♪ The addition is a stubborn.

Indisputable advantages of short cuts

Every year, the number of girls who clearly decided and chose a short haircut. I suggest we figure out what's so attractive about them!

Short cuts:

1. It is much more and easier to take care of short hair every day.
2. Times for short hair are much smaller than long hair.
3. Compared with long hair curing, cosmetics are much smaller.

How do you get your hair to your looks?

There are many different forms of individuals. And it's real for each of them to get a short haircut that's the most appropriate. For example, for full girls with a round face, short hair is not a taboo. It's not going to look pretty. It's great, for this kind of face, it looks like a car with long front rows and a colic. The long-distance wools will visualize the face, and the shuttle will make the last necessary strings.

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