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Very Stylish Short Haircuts Of Women's Photos

12 of the most fashionable women's hair cuts

Короткая стрижка_1

Line number one. Long peak with sharp bays

Tyra Banks

Long, asymmetrical haircut with Tara Banks' colonization looks unrealistic. Different shades underline short wools. To re-establish the hair structure, straighten your hair and put a foam on the volume to separate the streams.

Line No. 2. Volume peak

Kate Mara

The length of this classic picsi gives a kind of raisin, while deep, unclear probe makes it light and unintentioned. To make this haircut, put the hair down by the fountain, brushing their fingers and putting a wax on the tips or a glitter.

Line number 3. Cookies

Короткая стрижка_2Lupita Niongo

The key to this hair is not to let your hair smash. How do you do that? Wet them with coconut or Argan oil. Put it on the wet hair and let them dry naturally and put oil again.

Line number 4. Acute picsi

Scarlett Johansson

Even a short, negligent hair can look very stylish. Don't override the storage equipment. Put some gel in to keep your hair in shape and dry the phenomenon with a big round hair. Then brush your hair on the mug and shave your mid-fixing lac.

Line number 5. Curly Iroquez

Elaine Welterot

It's a steep fox with short glasses and a long mask. Well, if you have nature. brown hairand a long little girl is the best way to brag about it.

Line number 6. Long colic.

There's something both sexy and modest in the shuttle and even a little modest in a long cosmic. And that hair is very easy to make at home. Large massage brush your hair up to the bottom and brush your left, then down and right, back and forward. It'll give the man the necessary shape. At the end, put a lipstick for light fixation.

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