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What Fashion Haircuts 2016 Women's Photos

How do you make the Mod Pilot 2016: top-5 hair

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read Mod Maquilaise in summer 2016: ombre arrows. Lecture


There's hardly a girl around the world who hasn't heard about this fashion hair in summer 2016. The spider is wearing everything: stars on red carpets, models in their street looks, fashion bloggers and it-girls. Depending on hair length and the technician can become both a simple day-to-day job or study option and an elegant evening hair. In order not to get a picture of the waiting/reality series, it is important to add volume hair. Since a half-pound takes part of the hair out of the main mass, it's very important to create an inferior volume and brush the hair in the bow. Then the hair will look stylish and not make three hairs in two rows. To create additional volume, use dry shampoos and special cords, these means will also refresh your hair, and they will look clean longer.

Beach waves

The negligent locoon trend, like you just came from the beach, grabbed the world a few years ago, and every summer comes back to the peak of fashion. The large plus beach waves is the lack of strict shapes and " domicile " , in a positive way. The more negligent your blocs, the more voluminous and trendy it will look like a whole layout. The base beach waves is the hair texture. If your hair comes from nature, or it's just indiscreet, bold your head for the night, a little dry without the use of a phen, and you'll be able to wrap the cos. In the morning, disband them, put a texturizing or salt spray on them and shake hands. If you're the owner of a smooth, straight hair, put it on a barrel or a cliff and do the same.

Как сделать модные прически лета 2016: ТОП-5 причесок прически тренд 2016

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