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Women Hair Cuts

For curly hair (30 photos)

Curly hair is a miracle of nature, non-indigenous, funny, gambling, and so attractive. They'll steal any images when they're done.

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Curly hair is a miracle of nature, incorrect, funny, gambling and so attractive. They'll steal any images when they're done.

The famous actresses and singers used red tracks, clips and corn concerts as a simulator. Suffice to remember r’n’b-div Beyonce, Alisha Kis, Rianna.

I suggest you, too, a little experimentation and some fashion and uncomplicated layouts. Just a little bit of styling and conventional styling.

For short brown hair

Short brown hair is always the original hair. Your main task is to keep her shape.


Short brown hair just needs regular correction at the barber master. At a time when you level the grown-up tips, you'll be able to provide your moving, safe and attractive view.


"Clossing" short curtains are much more complicated than long ones, they're more floating, they're thrilling. So, with your hair drying, use a flashlight to make it look more structural.

Don't forget the stylings. Sprey or corn flies will make the plugs more tense and resistant. If you'd like to separate couches (e.g. face), just put your fingers in front of the dryer and dry the phen in that position.

For long brown hair

Long brown hair looks much more expensive than short--- under the weight of their own weight, they're almost straightened out and look like tidy springs. However, it is simply necessary to lay them down as short.

Daily layout

  1. You'll wear a muscle or a lock cream. If you use the helmet instead, you'll get the effect of wet carts.
  2. Slightly squeeze the stream to the roots to form the natural gravy.
  3. Dress the hair with the diffusor, handling every patch.
  4. At the end of the laying, carefully separate the blades with your fingers and brush your hair with your hands. In the end, you'll have light and airbags, which, however, will be great in keeping shape. Like Sarah Jessica Parker.
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