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A Woman's Hair Cut

Elegant and furious image with French haircut garson

Женственная стрижка гарсонEven long-lost beauty has a desire to get rid of luxury salmons for a while. And those who wear short hair are searching for a new version from time to time. The garson string is an unnatural and efficient version of French elegance. It is considered relevant and fashionable throughout the century.

This masterpiece is male not only by appearance, but also by name, as the garson is translated from the French boy. Its main feature is the short streams that are designed so that the general contour is firmly attached to the head.

Стрижка, полюбившаяся Коко ШанельBridging description

Harson's hair is considered bold and stylish. It creates a coke, horny and light image. It's a special suit for the hair of fragile girls. Garson does not require careful care and is easily formed into a beautiful layout.

It's possible to create it on average hair, and it's beautifully profiling the areas on the back of the head, the hangers and the shuttle itself. It's just that the hair doesn't stick around and be voluminous. The big strip pole is that it can easily be converted into smooth and glamour.

с легкой взъерошенностью, закрепленной воском для волос – для экстравагантных и нежных натур;The garson string is famous for its simplicity, which is what the French scar is for. One second ago, thousands of females were forgiven with a long hairdresser after watching the Garson novel, which had short-term sharpened the main heroin. Coco Chanel added special popularity, making a trend.

Классическая – короткие волосы сформированы в компактную форму. Идеальный способ придать эффектности деловым или ведущим активный образ жизни женщинам.Types of garson

Over the centuries of history, the garson hair cut has changed. The main bars are diluted with different types of slab or laying. Steelists offer several options:

  • The garson, made on short hair and enriched waves, which are marked by a helmet for laying, is an excellent option for a woman in charge of business;
  • with a non-standard shuttle (white, asymmetrical, direct dense) is the ideal type of garson for those who need to adjust the face;
  • garson, with medium hair and axesthemaids (sticks, handcuffs, bandages, etc.).

Depending on length of haircut The garson is divided into three forgeries:

  1. Super short, with very clear contour lines, and a very short, stiff, usually arrogant.
  2. Long, hairdresser leaves medium rites, sometimes makes ends uneven or lavish to create an individual image. Such a transition would suit those who didn't decide to turn their hair too short.
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