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Cut Short Cuts For Women

Modest cuts 2014 - 2015 (46 photos)

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At different times, Coco Chanel, Georges Sand, Audrey Hepburn took slaps on public taste, changing long salmons to short hair. Nowadays, the trend continues to be the Hollywood stars, making it easy to break with long rites in favour of picsi, beans and other variations on the short topic. And the hairstyles, such as the grangs, are increasingly becoming feminine. Eugenia Kostrukova, the hair stylist of LoveStory salon, told me about fashion trends in short hairs.

King Ludovic's famous favourite XV, Marquise de Pompadur, was famous both as a woman who made both her country's history and fashion history. The tall hair with the hoholic she loved wearing was the symbol of the era. Mode for such a layout came back in the 1950s and became an integral part of the image of rocabilly fans.

Without a hobo, it's impossible to imagine the famous Elvis Presley and John Travolta in the time of filming in the Briolin movie. That hair gave life to a haircut that was called lipstick. It is characterized by short and rigid sides and backs with machines, and by a long top, which resembles the shuttle. To create a coke, a long part of the hair is scratched upstairs using a clay or a plug for the laying.

For a long time, the haircut was purely male, but not long ago, she found a woman's face. The special popularity of this season is that the lipstick of the lipstick is owed to the pevice of Milie Cyrus, who, by breaking up with the romantic images, entered during the riot and cut off his locks. Miley and the senior cech colleagues, for example, follow the rocabilli style in their hairs, became the singer Pink, and, quite recently, the Rianna Module Legislator could be seen with such a haircut.

The classic lipstick is perfect for round-person owners, for other types it is offered with more lengthy glasses.

Welcome back to the 1990s style razor haircut One-way whiskey, as a symbol of the riot era.

One of the first examples was her singer Rianne, and her hair experiments were followed by other stars, including Kelly Osborn.

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