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Women's Cascade Hairs

tonyThe foundation of any perfect hair is a quality and professionally earmarked haircut. MNstudio's master works on the technology of well-known barber art schools in the world (ToniGuy, Vidal Sassoon, MazellaPalmer, Dolores) and will help you with your boldest ideas.

The haircut is considered to be one of the most complex types of work required from the artist ' s imagination master, professional skills and experience, and accuracy in the calculation of cuts and attention.

All Women ' s hair cuts can be divided into three areas:

  • short hair cuts,
  • hair cuts on average length,
  • hair cuts.

At? We are pleased to present to you some short hair cuts: short car, short bean, bean car, picsi, etc.


MNstudio's mid-wave lovers will be able to offer a variety of classics and creativity options that can complement your image and elegance.


Do you want your long hair to be a jewel of your appearance? I'm happy to offer you hair cuts: Cascade, creative, symmetrical and asymmetrical with a straight cell and some others. ♪ ♪

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