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Women's Cascade Haircut

The trends of modern barbery art call for a presentationable appearance of haircut that does not require difficult care. This is not an easy task, and only the real professionals are subject to this important criterion.

New technology and designer solutions, individual treatment of each client, selection of haircuts suited to your type of hair, are the daily working principles of women ' s haircuts in the Iteira beauty salons. The team of our hairdressers is the laureates of many international competitions, exhibitions and class masters. For you, we'll pick up, and if we need and develop, a special course on hair care. We will help shape the image and achieve the desired result. Price Women's haircut In our salon, the customer will be happy.

Functional styles of women's hairs

In choosing, the hair structure and condition need to be taken into account. In the first place, there must be a harmonious image and matching the haircut to the client's wishes. If you're interested in a woman's haircut in Minsk, our salons are willing to provide you with a full range of image and extra hair care services. In any Iteira salon, you will be able to consult the stylist and choose the most appropriate option.

Everyday layout, unlike the holidays, is intended to give an appropriate appearance of hair. It's so steadfast, when the master works properly, they'll be easy to cut the desired form. Everyday layout refers to different styles.

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face

The choice of haircut depends on many factors. Even a perfect cut using all modern technologies will be " unlovable " and will create difficulties if individual characteristics are not taken into account, the style of human life, the sphere of activity, personal preferences. It is also essential to take into account physiological characteristics, namely the structure and length of the hair, as well as the persons.

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