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2016 Mod Women Long Haircuts

Mod haircuts in the summer of 2016: how to choose the perfect one

Who cares: round face and long neck.

We're taking an example from Zendai and Kristen Stewart.

Summer haircut with long layers

Long hair is back in fashion! Dissolved, negligently placed in beach blades, with a beautiful texture and the dye of babylights. To get this kind of external hair, world stylists offer us a haircut with long layers. With this fancy haircut in summer 2016, separate hairs are shorter than the mass. So they get easier, start a little jealous, take different shapes. This movement creates light volume in the hair, reveals the depth of the colour, allows less time to be spent on the layings, emphasizing the natural structure of the hair. For the perfect summer layout, you'll just go overnight with a free slice on the wet hair, and you'll put a salt spray in the morning, and put your legs up.

It fits: the holders of a square and round face with a massive chin, especially the hairs with ombre, sombre, ballage, babylights.

We're taking an example from, uh, Siara and Jennifer Aniston.

Breaking for summer 2016: LOB.

I haven't left this summer's trend in years long bob. This is a more free and negligible variation of the classic bean in a long way to the shoulder. Plus this fashion haircut in summer 2016, you can choose any shape of it: one length, asymmetrical bean, A-cut. It is also possible to lay down differently depending on preferences: from beach waves and smooth hair to semi-mouth and lashes.

To whom it fits: absolutely everyone, the haircuts beautifully underlines the features of the face, separates the thin line of chin and sculles.

Модные стрижки лета 2016 года: как выбрать идеальную для себя

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