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What Short Women's Haircuts

Short female haircuts and fashions

Короткие женские стрижки и мода на них.It has long been assumed that a woman should have long hair. However, in today ' s world, this rule is gradually changing, and more girls prefer short haircuts. Short haircuts are very convenient, because they can change images and images, for example, business style, romantically by night.

By all means, short haircuts make it possible to adjust the face's shape. This is particularly relevant for people with a round face. In this case, there is a need to increase the volume of hair on the mug, and on the other side, to reduce or adjust.Короткие женские стрижки If the faces are stretched, then the short hair will come back to help. In this situation, a dummy hair with a long chick to the eyebrows will help.

I don't think so many people know, but the real short hair model came out after Coco Chanel's bold hair. She was the first woman to preach short hair. Her hair at that time became open to men who showed women's independence. However, there's rumors that Coco Chanel just fell down some of his hair during the vaccination and was forced to shine short. Anyway, but Short female haircuts It's from Coco Chanel.

Свадебная короткая стрижка

To date, a number of short cuts are in fashion:

Large horses.

This hair came out in the early 1950s, but the real fashion came on it now. The balcony wave in this haircut is solid and uncooled, but by the middle of the length, the hair has bigger blades and falls on its shoulders. Girls often prefer this type of hair as a wedding haircut.


Короткая стрижка с текстуройThis kind of haircut is an absolute novel. The hair is recalculated back to the smear and helmet. In principle, it's not complicated, but it looks very efficient and stylish.

Bob and Kara.

Probably the most popular short haircut of this season. The hair on the back of the head is shorter, but when approaching the face, it's elongated. In the temporal zone there is the so-called " Care line " , most of the rest of the haircut is Bob's haircut. The difference between Kara's hair and Bob's hair is that Cara has a haircut. Bob and Kara are generally not wearing glasses, but there are often exceptions.

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