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♪ Mod Hairs 2016 Women

2016 Women

стрижки 2016 - фотоFor the new season, not only fashion designers are being prepared, but also stilists and leading barber masters are working on fashionable and relevant haircuts corresponding to major fashion trends.

The 2016 strikes and constructions are very diverse and enable each woman to reflect her identity and to emphasize her image.

Top of 2016

Mod medium hair cuts length - cascade and cut
The average length of the female representation is the most common, the length to the shoulder and the middle of the back is the best way to create the different structure and style. The most popular haircut of any type is cascade.стрижки 2016 - фото This type of hair conceals a lot of different options, it looks like it's on both thick and tight hairs and thin and pretty rare hairs.

The 2016 Cascade has been considered one of the leading haircuts for decades. One of the most important priorities of the cascade is its large variability, it can be short, medium and long, affect the entire hair or only the front streams, is suitable for the hair of different lengths. The cascade can adjust the shape of the face, give the volume and the wheat of the hair. In the new season, this haircut is still very relevant. It's particularly popular with a long, long-distance cascade, or a long-distance shuttle.

Graded haircut is different from cascade by more structured transitions. In today ' s version, crossings can even be sharply blacked up to the visible hair staircase. In addition, the cut-off often combines the effective mixing of long and short buckles. This kind of haircut looks good on the hair of any length, but it doesn't fit for too thin hair.

стрижки 2016 - фото стрижки 2016 - фото стрижки 2016 - фото стрижки 2016 - фото

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