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Mod cuts to the Autumn 2016 for medium and long hair (photo)

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Mod haircut autumn and winter 2016: Textured bean

Textured haircuts are the main trend of the autumn winter season 2016! More and more stars choose this fashion female haircut. Mod length is just above the shoulder. With the " ruptures " , this trend women ' s hair cut visually gives the amount of hair, so it'll fit for the holders of thin hair.

Short Women ' s Bridging in autumn winter 2016: Classic bean

The classic bean continues to be one of the most trendy women ' s haircuts in 2016. Look at Kylie Jenner's picture, and you'll make sure of it yourself! Bob's perfect for the thin hair holders.стрижка боб The direct bean of one length is classical but not too formal haircut, so it'll fit girls and women of any age.

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Mod women's haircut is textured

The string of the Long Bean (or the Forehead) will become one more trendy haircut of this fall. This haircut fits all women regardless of the shape of the face. She will highlight your youth and beauty. Besides, it's easy to look after. This fall, choose a length slightly above or below the shoulder level.

If you're a little tired of making a fashion beach waves, then leave your hair straight! The hairs of one length become the hit of the autumn winter season 2016. Such a classic haircut always fits and looks good with any outfit. To make this fall look amazing, add some glitter to your hair.

Mod female haircuts in the fall: Modern

Uneven, asymmetrical rites are the main fashion haircut of autumn 2016. Looks like the 70s are coming back! The singer Taylor Swift, for example, has already made a choice in favour of this modular woman haircut (see the photo) and has even been able to take a picture of Vogue cover by declaring to the world that a little lipstick that makes it seem like you just woke up will become a hit of this season.

стрижка шэг Модные стрижки осень-зима 2016 на средние и длинные волосы (фото)

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