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Женские стрижкиHow and why is it so important that a good woman's haircut?

A good woman's haircut can literally make miracles. First, the rightly chosen form of haircut may adjust the person to make his holder more attractive. For example, a too tall lobe would easily cover a classic bean with a cosmic, and the cheeks would make a smaller haircut with a long buckle to the shoulder.

Secondly, the rightly collected haircut can and should even be a successful completion of your current image. For example, it is unlikely that you will be taken seriously by subordinates if you go to work with long white corned bowls, and the classic car with a thick stained dark colour will give you the seriousness, rigour and self-confidence necessary at this stage of your life.

Thirdly, to find new friends or a life satellite, a well-established haircut can play a leading role. 'Cause she's gonna be able to tell people about the internal world of her master. All right, bright color and soft, rounded shapes will give you a tender nature, clear lines will highlight your pedentity, your rigour and others, and asymmetry will be the best example of experimental and highly risky.

To find and fulfil the ideal Women's haircut For you, the professionals of our salon are always ready, taking into account your wishes, your hair condition and your own great experience.

Name of service

Long hair

Price (cut)


from 350




Average average




Child haircut Price (cut)
Short, medium 500
Long 700

Кератиновое выпрямление (Brazilian Blowout) Стрижка горячими ножницами

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