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Short Cut Without A Slab

A short haircut or a slice to the belt

9350792_mWww. - Olga Valyaev (Inspiring women to be women)

Today, I want to continue with the topic of how to change the outside is changing internal. Perfect, of course, when the change comes from inside. But sometimes it's better to start changing the outside, even if it's still old inside.

Like a karate, "you're making a cat that makes you." And today the cat I want to discuss is women's hair.

My hair experiments started at nine years. Before that, I was a regular girl with colics, and my mom decided when to cut me and how. When I was 9, my best friend got stuck under a boy. And I decided to do the same. Mom talked me out for a long time, you'll regret it, you'll grow up soon.8071821_l But I was inclined. I wanted to be like Julie. As a result, my coss were the victims of modas.

That's the first time I put an experiment with my hair. There's been a lot of other options. without a sockunder the boy, below the scapula, kare... And it's just haircuts.

One time I bought a shade pencil, and I was painted in red. That's how I took my fear of shaking my hair. What color have I never tasted? Fire red, honey, black, brown, blonde...

8119287_mSometimes they stopped me from finding friends with a new haircut and a new hair color. One day, when I had a hard breakup, I changed the color. Black and black. A couple months later, I've been in a barber shop for almost a day.

By the way, it turns out there are statistics. 53 per cent of married women who radically change their hair to the short, either survived the divorce at the time of the haircut or survived it in a while.

I wonder if there are statistics, how long cos affect relationships?

I'm here to agree with myself. The hair experiments have been completed for me. I've been growing my hair for a long time. They're about to be long. And I don't want to cut them.

I also came back to my hair color. Turns out he's coming for me the most. God knows how much hair is best for me. There were traces of the last meal, and I finally decided not to continue.

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