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Shortest Female Haircuts

Short haircuts and hair on short hair, photos

Only a century ago, short hair on a woman was almost supernatural, and to afford to wear a short hair, a weak half of humanity required courage. Today, hair on short hair (fotto see above) is quite common, and a rare woman does not try to change her image once, cut her hair to the chin line or shorter.

You're also "sympathetic" for a short haircut, and you're thinking about a suitable option? In this case, you must take into account that short hair cuts have a very distinctive characteristic of highlighting the shape and characteristics of the face, especially the eyes. And that's why it's not all. But if you have a great leather, and your face with the right features has an impeccable oval uniform, you'll be able to get any of the many short haircuts, from "Jet" to "car." In the same case, when you have a secret, the choice of the model must be carefully and even scrupulous.

So, what are the rules for short hair cuts? There is no need to risk such a haircut to women who are full or broad, because such hair will only stress the depth or hull of their bodywork. The figur of very tall and skinny girls, short hair, too, is unlikely to add proportionality. The length of hair in similar hair cuts barely reaches the chin, so it will not be possible to cover the shortcomings of the lower face (large or lower jaw, narrow lips, etc.). They also look at short hair, combined with broad shoulders or short necks, as they draw attention to these problem areas.

And here's a stunning, flexible, stunning girl and women with short haircuts (when you've seen) will be very close to the face. Because they are capable of successfully highlighting the miniature of the image, the point shoulders, the swan neck and the bright eyes. But still, a little "deviation" from the perfect shape of a face can try to be corrected with a short haircut. If the face is round, the hair shall be with a thick mask and the side plugs shall be as wide as possible. The elusive face is rounded up with a side-by-side hair cut (not badly if the beetles are swelled) and a mandatory long, straight-and-shot. Insufficient pearls of face can be corrected by a short "bob" with a volume on the mug and lengthy braces, slightly covering the cheeks.

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