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Short Female Haircuts

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Today ' s world is rapidly evolving, flowing and improving. However, those professions that are responsible for the appearance of a person become more and more necessary, highly paid, valuable.

A businessman can't afford to look insecure and his hair is a card without which a successful life is very and very difficult. So, the hairdresser, for this man, is a symbol of success, and what is important is a beautiful life and he's willing to pay generously for this beautiful life.

Do you want to change your life to the best? You want to connect your life to the real art that almost all people need? Then the barber course in Baranović is what you need!

Преподаватель Наталья ВалерьевнаWhat are we learning about barber art?

♪ Classical and state-of-the-art tools used by the barber master, as well as regulations and techniques for dealing with them;
♪ Anatomy hair structure, as well as the characteristics of different types of hair among men and women;
♪ The washing is ready, the bases and practical examples of head massage when it was was washed, the rules for cosmetics for head washing, the basic rules for head massage;
- The correct laying of hair and the variety of laying by using modern tools and cosmetological means;
♪ The wide range of haircuts (including both women and men) from the most common to the rare.Преподаватель Людмила Васильевна This knowledge will make it possible to become a real professional capable of serving the most demanding client;
♪ To perform professional evenings as a whole, as well as a variety of lashes, including a wide range of French lashes, as well as a vibrant event;
♪ The skills to communicate properly with their clients are one of the most important elements in a hairdressing case that allows for the identification of permanent and profitable clients without special work;
- Colorist elements. Allow the right selection of colour combinations for hair colouring as well as the knowledge of modern painters;
♪ Basic and in-depth rules for hair care, classical rules for the safe locks, and other elements that contribute to the improvement of healthy and aesthetic hair.

You can record our courses and you'll open the door to a new, successful career mater barber!


Natalia Valerievna

Qualified workshop with experience for more than six years.

Their skills are constantly improving, visiting various seminars and following modern trends in the hairdresser sector.

Ludmila Vasilevna

5-grade modeling barber. Colorist. Work experience for more than eight years.
Regularly attends seminars, improves their qualifications.

Teaching staff:

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