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Classic Female Hair Cuts

Модные женские стрижкиWomen's haircut is a little window open to a woman's world. The change of hair changes not only the image but also the attitude of a woman to the world and herself. Women ' s hair cut depends largely on women ' s mood and age, fashion events and season. It is essential that the new image be fully consistent with the expectations and perceptions of the client. The stylists of the Exclusive Studio, as professional psychologists, understand the delicate mental organization of beautiful women and prejudge their desires.

Female haircuts

Women ' s hair cuts are divided into three groups depending on the hair length. Shorts call hair, which completely or partially closes ear sinks. They call hair tightly to the shoulder. Some women think it's unfair that hair falling down a few centimeters below the shoulder is already called long. However, the standards of hairdressing do not allow for exceptions. The hair below the belt in some procedures is very long, as more material is required.

Женские стрижки на короткие волосыFemale short haircuts hair

The short hair is constantly changing, only one remains unchanged - the fashioned short hairs can only afford confident and bright personalities. Short hair attracts attention to the wrist and neck. The rightly selected short haircut can correct the minor inadequacies of the appearance and stress the swankness of the neck.

Many Hollywood stars have at least once tried a short haircut. Brilliant and charming Audrey Hepburn has shown that the rightly matched hair cut can make a woman of any age. Victoria Beckham's fans are periodically in the beauty parlors to update the classic Bob of the queen of style. Hermione's fans were in line for the hairdresser when Emma Watson made Pixie hair after the end of the sweatery.

A short haircut makes a focus on sculks, visually pulling faces and running time a few years ago. The combination of childbearing and sophisticated elegances makes a short haircut charming and inexorable.

  • Cara's short haircut is marked by a clear flat edge. It's long, on the leg, with a scint and a shaved temporal zone.
  • Bob's hair cut is different from the car, usually just a little bit more in the back and no shuttle.
  • Pixy's haircut is a woman's short-sized male haircut with open ears.
  • The cut to short hair or the cut to the throat is marked by a clear valley of the edge of the hair, which is a single continuous line with the man.

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