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Young Women In Medium Hair

Every day

Прически на каждый день. Средние волосы. 84 фото и видео.Women always wonder how to put their hair to look even better, but not spend a lot of time. It's the most important thing for those who have long or medium hair lengths. 'Cause for their layout, it takes time, 'and often fashionable hair is complicated, and you want to look straight every day! Let's see a few garments that don't take long, they can be done on their own, and the most important thing with these hairs is to look very feminine.

To simple every day Coss (French Coss, Spongs/Schools), Konsky tails, salmons and nachetes. In this article on our women's portal I'll introduce you to the so-called TOP-5 of the simplest and fastest daily hairs. Average hair♪ Of course, as always, I will bring to your attention a large number of qualitative photographs of fashion hairs, lays and hairs. And at the end, you'll see a little video-instruction to build women's hairs.

A simple tail can steal a cosar that's stuck around his base. You can make a twisted tail with two thin colics. Even though it sounds too loud, it's really going to be so easy:

1. Separate in the front of the head the bay and split it into three parts.
2. Spread the French slice on the right side to the ear, so that your hair can only be fixed on the face, then you need to swap the normal coin and tie it at the end.
3. Get a slice on the left.
4. Get the colics and the top of the hair to the tall tail. There's got to be a hole over there and put the tail in.
5. And lastly, the right ear must be stretched through the tail, also on the left side. Put the tail on the base invisible so the layout can last longer.

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