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Creative Female Haircuts

Creative female haircuts/seminar/

Креативные женские стрижкиRecently, the word " creativity " has a special place in the fashion terms. The spear-conservers are negatively waving their heads, hearing such an unusual name. But in translation, the word only means " building " or " creation " , which provides for freedom of fantasy and original taste.

On a large scale, it's just an expression of alternative art that can only be suitable for the lucky ones. Creative haircut will prove to everyone, and to you yourself, you're brave, inappropriate and original. But the most important thing is to feel confident and easily updated, because it's the basic thing that gives you your great image.

If you want to change your image to inconsciousness, make a creative haircut. Trust the master and let it all go. An unusual haircut, along with standard ones, could cover your face's defects, and add "pera" to your image.

Any creative haircut will never be without a clue from the master of his case, without flying his fantasy. He's like a magical fairy that wanders around his head several times, turns his hair into a new and individual. Good master is a real salary. A real master can offer you some exclusive. This is the exclusive haircut technique that trains the proposed workshop on upgrading.

Creative haircut or hair Always individual. She must display all the flights of your turbulent fantasy, your hairline, your entire internal world, and show the surrounding depth and mysteriousness.

We can only show some examples of creative haircuts. Look, learn and experiment. And of course, create your unique creative primitiveness!

Information on the workshop " Women ' s creative hairs "

Name of the seminar:
Creative female haircuts

Duration of the seminar:
16 academic hours (4 days)

Workshop schedule:
3 days a week, 10 academic hours a day.
2 days: teacher master class
4 days - practice with models

Workshop time:

  • Morning group: 10.00 - 13.00;
  • Daily group: 14.00 - 17.00;
  • evening group: 18.00 - 21.00;
  • Saturday and Sunday.

Place of the seminar:
g. Ulyanovsk, Squad, D. 8, office 229 (formerly U.S., guest."

At the end of the seminar, a document of the established model shall be issued.

Training programme

1. The razor tech.

2. Free technology.
Based on basic equipment.
Based on short, medium, long hair.

How to sign the seminar

In order to be a participant in the " Women ' s Creatives " seminar, you need to approach the training division of our Centre, conclude a study contract and pay the cost of the seminar.

I'm going to go to class.Creative female haircuts♪ You can fill the form:

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