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Women's Hair Cuts

1770-Jean-Louis-David-13.jpgThe hair strings, especially long hairs, are diverse and universal. These haircuts are good for, too. roundand for long and square. I've always been popular with women. And the indulgence of a naturally worn hair has always been the object of the interest of men and women. "According to the joy of the groves, in the sadness of sowing," this old saying-of-the-famous show is a great mood that creates hairs and hairs, light, a little gambling, a little petty, making the holder of such a head attractive and desirable.

But the incorrect selection of the hair may override the natural advantages of the intrinsic hair. Any hair and haircut must be "to face," i.e. hide, mask the flaws and stress the dignity of the person! That's why you need to cut your hair so you can visualize the face's shape to the perfect.

For example, the haircut with the whistleblows will be up for the round face, especially if the hair from the back rises up, by creating a " bad mess " , additional volume on the mug. Sometimes it's amazing how literate hair selection can change your face! When selecting hair cuts, etc. and long, it is necessary to take into account the direction of their natural growth, then the hair will look natural.

1970-09-03-27-goldwell-5.jpg 1490-Fudge-05.jpg

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