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Women's Haircuts Without A Socket

Stars' hair: better with a man or no?

Анджелина ДжолиEvery girl once stood in front of a dilemma: to raise her hair or make a shuttle?

Every girl in her life was standing in front of a dilemma: to raise her hair and open her forehead or to start looking for pictures of the stars with the fashionable shutters of this season? Knowledge likes to experiment with hair, but not always their “experiences” are good. Look who the stars look more like you, and our expert, the professional designer of Denise Chaykovsky's hair, will advise you as well as the man or no.

Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie's Hollywood star was often involved in some rather bold “experiences” with her appearance. What I didn't do was make an actress with a hair: sniffing into a blonde and a brunette, wearing a car, doing short cuts And, of course, the trail.

Denise Chaykovsky: " We always seek to make our face look oval. The cheeks are right to " adjust " the natural features, to give them the perfect shape. Angelina is doing everything in this respect! She's got the perfect face shape. Actress can grow hair, brush your hair very short, make yourself any shuttle, it'll still be beautiful. Girls with this kind of face are lucky, they can experiment bravely! ”

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