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2016 Hair Strings With Female Photos

Mod trends for short hair

модные стрижки на короткие волосы 2016The leaders of the major fashion houses have repeatedly emphasized that this is a fundamental improvement in the task of creating a style. Besides, they're very young with their own, helping visually make themselves more beautiful.

The trends of past seasons continue to be beginning with short hair cuts in 2016 ' s most fashionable haircuts, namely the special popularity of boys. They underline the sexuality of young girls, make them younger than women. Such an option is well suited to the dynamic way of life of a modern lady, simplifys the task of style and significantly reduces the time that a woman spends on laying.

It should be borne in mind, however, that it is necessary to choose the layout according to the shape of the person, since not all options are suitable for the holders of the roundabouts. Much depends on the type of buckle: some have their volume on nature, others have too thin. For example, a carotid will not face the owner of thin locoons.

женскиеMod cuts on short thin hair in 2016 are shown in the photo. The main problem faced by a lady in creating such hair is the need for a hug. It's worth noting that the shorter the length, the bigger it's gonna be. That's a way to put it back or read it back, so you're more likely to get the result.
It also helps with the cascade choice. The Lesenka creates folds of different lengths that, as long as the bows are kept above, so the buckle ends generate volume.для женщин 2016 In fact, if you want to visually increase your head's diagram, you're talking to a specialist, then you don't have to worry about the layout: the professionals are trained in the hiccup of the buckle from the inside, which gives the horses more visually.

With regard to modular cuts 2016- for the round person, the concept of " cascade " is again applicable. The most important thing to take into account is that the stream of the stream must be much shorter than the front.

In addition, round-line holders will be able to use a cosmic shuttle, which will look great at the " plumbing " . The more geometry in the hair, the better it's gonna be on the vault. It's good to help with a combination of dark buckles and lights, something's gonna make the geometry of a voluminous layout.

Examples of popular hair


Our readers use a spray from cosmetologists to build their hair. The composition included only natural components, which would not result in side effects and would not harm hair.

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