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The Picture Of Women's Hairs Is Average

7 hairs that make you younger

Steelists, psychologists and sociologists analysed pictures of thousands of women and asked the group of respondents to assess the age of the photo. As a result, conclusions were reached on how the perception of hair looks affected. And here they are: 7 options for haircuts and pieces that help to look younger!

1. Negro bean

Clear lines draw attention to the non-ideal valley of the face, and the graphic stalk can accentuate the wrinkles in the corners of the eye or the spontaneous warehouses. Rwanai, the uneven cut-off line with the structural streams that have been lit or worn, on the contrary, visually equates the person by distracting attention from minor shortcomings.

2. Pixy.

A horny, stiff hair is very young, especially if the hair is thick and the head shape is close to perfect. Slightly ejected species gives the whole form of ease and negligent schicks, and the surroundings automatically assign a youth stripper.

3. Crazy back.

What are they saying? If you have a long, beautiful neck, don't hide it underneath your hair. By removing the streams from your face back, you'll make your face more fresh, and he's been vouched more clearly.

4. Low shuttle and salmon

Are there any mimical wrinkles on the forehead? The hand will hide them well, and relaxed, free locoons will create a romantic and, as a consequence, very fresh and immediate image.

5. Light cara

It's a little bit of brushed hair long before the chin, which is a great way to make a full face more exquisite, to focus on the sculptures, and the stitching in the "suck out and go" style will rid you of the brightest age sign of overly curtaining, conservative and boring images. Actual defensive hair Average hair!

6. Kudri

Always, regardless of the color and length of the hair, the cudres will remove their owner for five years. All the experiment participants rated pictures of the same women with stubborn hair five years older than their own salmon photos. Let's take a note!

7. The hair to the shoulder, the tips to the outside.

This layout is much more successful than the same length, but the cone is in the inside. The view is more open, the Romanian is visible, and the face as a whole is more fresh. The " face-to-face " is considered the most effective way to reduce age!

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