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Female Hair Technician

Guards, women and men

IMG_2476.jpgThe course for start-up hairdressers is a concentrated experience of top-style stylists and the application of world trends in hairdressing.

Ilya Soboliv, Irina Fedoseeva, Olga Andreeva, Irina Soichuk.

Senior teacher: Victoria Jarinova.

Art Director: Olga Bizina, Alexandra Lukinov.

PERSONA Steel School: Elementary kit (shoes, beds, dispenser, study notes, pens), all cosmetics for hair handling (shampoo, air conditioner, stacking), dining.


Diplomas and certificates:

вэлком набор.JPGHow to book the place: the group ' s place is booked by an advance payment of 30 per cent in the group:

(a) The online tape on this page,

(c) At the PERSONA Stilist School, Moscow, Lower Syromatic 10, p. 10, Artplay Design Centre.

Training offers are published on the website under the Important Documents Section

Pay: Cash in the school, B/N on the calculation account, the possibility of obtaining a BESPROCENT study credit. LETO BANK's lottery.

This block is purchased:

STEP 1 - Trihology for hairdressers provides a hairdresser with serious knowledge of pre-dressing, pre- and post-complex technical procedures, pre-plant and hair.

Second STEP 2 provides an opportunity for a hairdresser to learn how to literate tools and effectively use styling.

STEP 4 - Colour Laboratory course allows the hairdresser to master the basic laws of bulbs and various decorations without attaching to the product.

foto-5.jpgAt the end of all four courses in the barber department and the successful completion of all the exams, you will boldly start a practice in Person's big lounge on artplay in Labourant and brick to build a hairdresser's career path. Employment after practice.

The cost of your services at PERSON after the hairdresser's training course from scratch. Categories Laborant and Master. The category is assigned on the basis of training, examination and practice. Remember, you can't learn, you can only learn. Success is your responsibility.

A favour. Barrier guarantees up to 3 monthsservice timeCategory LaboratoryCategory Master
Women's haircut (Consultation/head wash/strength/termosafety, styling/ hair drying/household recommendation)60-90 mines500.-1200.-
Men ' s haircut (consultation/head washing/head washing/thermosa, styling/ hair drying/household recommendation)60-90 minutes500.-1200.-
Head mass10 minutes300.-
foto-21.jpg DSC_1942.jpg 2016-09-10_20-30-31.png BRz93DZbtKk.jpg

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