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Short Hair Cuts For Women

Фото стрижки каре на вьющиеся волосы средней длиныIf you're a natural-minded man of hair, we'll congratulate them, because they're most likely to be transmitted from generation to generation.

How do you get your hair?

The hair structure depends on the distribution of the kerate and the curvature of the thread, which in turn depends on the nature of the folliculus. If the follicles are asymmetrical, there's a tendency to squeeze.

In nature, several types of hair of this type can be distinguished:

  • " Spiritual corn: thin and very dry hair;
  • " Light bruising hair: not sticking, but lay softly and obnoxiously and not hard-wrapped;
  • ‘waste hair: almost straight, but with elevated humidity, start to envy.

All these types have common features. First, these hairs are quite invisible, their holders need styling funds. Second, since the hairs are always straight, you'll have to beat them with moist masks. If the hair is still thin and, to all other things, it is important to have a set of caring tools (shampoo, balsam, mask) that will help to deal with this problem.

Long bruising hair (30 cm) requires special attention. It's better to wash them back so your hair doesn't get mixed up. If the fairy is used, avoid high temperatures to prevent a hair drying.Фото стрижки каре на вьющиеся волосы средней длины Don't brush your hair while they're wet (except for special garments) because dry salmons are less secluded and much easier and better packed. Regularly adjust the tips, it's just necessary in the burgeoning hair, because the hairy bulbs are much more fragile and therefore more secluded.

Blowing hair

When you choose your hair, you should pay attention to the direction of natural growth of your hair. The best option would be to phrase the buckle, which would make the hair more structured and efficient.

Фотография стрижки лесенка на вьющиеся волосы средней длиныLong hair strings

It's easier to get a hair cut for long hair than short hair. It's best to look at the cascade, where there's a shorter face on the mug than the neck.

Lines blond hair, medium length

It's going to look good. This is the most effective option of hair cutters. For girls with lungs, not too tight hair, it'll be a classic car without glasses.

Another interesting option would be the bean haircut. Don't forget to extend your hair so your packing won't take long. It looks like an asymmetric bean.

If you want to give the volume of the back, make the hair cut. She's good for thin hair, the blades are strigning.

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